Mailing Lists


Mail Lists
There are two mailing lists related to the gradebook. The lists are archived and viewable from here.

  1. gradebook_announce: This list is used to send announcements of new versions of the gradebook. You can subscribe to this to be notified when new versions are available, but not receive any of the general discussions.
  2. gradebook: This list is an unmoderated list for discussion of the gradebook, feature requests, etc.... You can subscribe to this to chat about the gradebook with other users. Anyone who is subscribed to the list can send messages to the list and the messages will be forwarded to all subscribers.

Mailing lists are subscription based mail. Each list has three options when subscribing:

  1. Feed - when subscribed in "Feed" mode, whenever any mail is sent to the list, it will automatically and immediately be sent to you.
  2. Digest - when subsribed in "Digests" mode, once a week, you will receive a large mail message containing all the mail that was sent to the list that week.
  3. Index - when subscribed in "Index" mode, you will receive a small email once a week that just contains the subjects and authors of all the mail sent that week. If you want to read the mail, you will need to go to the web site above and view the archive.
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