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Question: I'm a teacher in a different school district/state and we have additional subjects. Can Gradebook handle more than 5 subjects?
Answer: Yes.  The new version 5.0-8 allows you to enter grades for up to 8 subjects.
Question: I team teach with another person who teaches Science and Math. Can I still use Gradebook since I only teach 3 subjects?
Answer: Yes, teachers may enter assignments and grades only for the subjects which they teach (i.e. a Resource teacher may only have grades for Reading and Math).  There is an option available which allows you to change the default so that only the subjects for which assignments have been entered will show on the student printout.  [On the Gradescale page, find the option "Print Empty Subjects."  Change the number in column J to "0."]  ALSO, if you have more than one class roll for each subject (which I assume you do), you should probably set up a separate Gradebook for each class UNLESS you have both classes doing exactly the same projects, same assignments, etc. all the time.
Question: I am a Middle School teacher in Volusia County. Would Gradebook work for me?
Answer: At the present time there is no Middle School version available (we stopped developing new versions two years ago).  However, in the meantime, you might consider using the 5-subject version by doing the following:
  1. Create a separate “gradebook” for each class of students (i.e. First Period Gradebook, Second Period Gradebook, etc.)
  2. Enter the students’ names on the Summary page, as directed in the documentation. The names will automatically appear on all 5 subject worksheets even though you won’t be using them all.
  3. Only enter grades on the worksheet(s) for the subject(s) which you are teaching to that particular class. (i.e., If you have the same group of students for two subjects, then you would be using two of the subject worksheets for that class).
  4. On the right of the “Grade Scale” worksheet, locate the term “Print Empty Subjects.” Change the number to “0.” This tells program to print reports showing only the subjects for which grades have been entered. Read the “Documentation” to discover what the other codes on the “Grade Scale” worksheet mean and how you can modify them to more accurately reflect the Middle School program.

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